This year we have teamed up with the London Cheerleaders who will be appearing and performing at various events over the summer!

We got them in for a photoshoot and a chat and found out a little more about them…

Who are The London Cheerleaders and why did you set the team up?

“The London Cheerleaders” are the new and exciting dance team on the Rugby 7s circuit this summer. We decided to create the team after attending numerous sporting events throughout the UK and realising the cheering/dance standard was not as high as what we were used to in NZ, Australia and the USA. Our aim was to create a team consisting of talented, intelligent and awesome performers, and we’ve definitely achieved that!

What makes you different from other cheer teams?

We are the best cheer/dance team in the UK; we don’t just dance on the pitch, we interact with the crowd, support both the sponsors and the different teams competing and we lead fun activities for children (like face painting!). Overall, we make the day more memorable, fun and interactive for everyone involved!

What have you done so far?

After launching in January this year we are incredibly proud of the events we have performed at – including performing on the BBC ‘s“The One Show”, and entertaining the crowds at the UK Super Bowl Party – we have received outstanding feedback about our choreography, as well as the fantastic vibe we create when performing. As Ben, a producer from The One Show said about our performance: “Thanks so much, The London Cheerleaders really made the show”.

Who is your head coach?

We are delighted to be working with our magnificent head coach and choreographer Vikki, who has been working tirelessly to create energetic, fun and captivating routines for our performers. Vikki comes from New Zealand and has previously been a cheerleader for the Rugby World Cup in NZ, The Auckland Blues and the Auckland NRL Warriors. She brings over 5 years of experience to our coaching team and she is extremely excited to share her hard work with you over the summer.

Who are the other girls in the team?

The London Cheerleaders has performers from all over the world with vast dance experience, ranging from cheering for the NRL Bulldogs team in Australia, the All England Acrobatic Champion, performing at the Olympic opening ceremony, performing on luxury cruise ships and touring with the Celtic Rhythm Irish Dance troupe.
Our team is also made up of many skilled performers with varied talents: we have teachers, personal trainers, fitness instructors, HR managers, university students as well as professional dancers. All our performers are fantastic ambassadors for any event.

Where will you be this summer?

As a team we are super excited to be performing at The Manchester 7s, The Cardiff 7s and The Tournoi de rugby 7 de Coeur in France this summer. There will be numerous other tournaments announced in due course. Come along and help us support your 7s team!


The sevens circuit in the UK is growing hugely every year – there are some great crowds at these tournaments and it gives us a chance to perform in the sunshine in front of often thousands of people in a great sporting environment.

What is your teamís favourite routine to perform?

Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Its strong, sexy and a total crowd pleaser. We also love Happy by Pharrell William, so groovy and cool. We have had such fun finding the perfect songs for events – both old rock favourites as well as fun new music with fantastic beats.

How can people get in contact with you?

You can check us out on:

Facebook ‘The London Cheerleaders’ (www.facebook.com/londoncheerleaders), Twitter/ Instagram @LNDCheerleaders as well as through our website www.thelondoncheerleaders.com.
You can even email us at: info@thelondoncheerleaders.com
or check out our videos on YouTube.